Cherry 🍒 Blossom 🌸 Jam

It is the perfect time for cherry blossom jam. The cherry trees are in full blossom and they look amazing. It doesn’t last long though so if you want to make Jam you do need to be quick.

One great thing about the cherry blossom petals is you can take the loose petals without effect the trees ability to make cherries 🍒. If you took the whole flower you would but as this beautiful plant looses the petals so quickly it’s great to just put a bag over a few clusters of flowers and give it a shake. You will get lots of petals in your bag this way. You need about 2 packed cups full of petals.

Once you have foraged your Japanese cherry blossom petals you can begin to make this sweet, almond with a hint of cherry, jam.

You will need 2 cups of jam sugar or you could use sugar and pectin. Pectin is put into jam sugar and this is what allows it to thicken and set. You will also need one and a half cups of water. I added a few frozen raspberries (fresh would work too) to give the deeper pink colour.

Put all your ingredients into a pan and heat to 105 degrees Celsius. This is where a jam thermometer comes in handy. This only takes about 2 minutes.

You can also check it’s ready by putting a plate in the fridge (you need to do this before you start). When the plate is cold you put a spoonful of jam onto the plate. Turn the plate on its side. If the jam stays in place then it’s set. If it moves, it needs longer. If you find it isn’t setting you can add a bit more pectin and boil for longer.

I love the way the petals suspend in the jam. It looks divine.

This Jam is gorgeous on toast. We made extra so used some in some jam

tarts too which went down amazingly well.

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