Birthday Parties

Woodland Birthday Parties.

2 hours of outdoor fun at the Forgotten Forest for £150

The party can be themed around your child’s interests or favourite book. There will be stories, crafts and activities followed by hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows around the campfire. All parties can be tailored to your particular needs. All the usual fun of the mud kitchen, tree swing, hammocks, tipi, den building, bug hunting, digging and tree climbing will be available.

15 children can come. You will need enough adults to make sure the children are safe and happy. Unders 5’s will need an adult with them.

Food can be arranged for an extra cost of £25 which is hot dogs cooked around the campfire.

Previous parties I have done are dinosaurs, unicorns, stickman, gruffalo, fairies, pirates, minecraft and messy play. For all older children survival bushcraft, den building, cooking on a fire, bath bomb making and lip balm making have worked well.

An example of how a party has run – Dinosaur party

Children arrive, we sit on the tree stumps around the fire circle and have a brief safety chat. We then hunt for dinosaurs frozen in ice and break them out. We then dig for dinosaur bones and try to put the dinosaur together again. After that, we make our own fossil using clay that will dry and you can take it home. Children then have time to explore the Forgotten Forest. They can relax in the hammock, make mud pies, swing on the tree swing, make dens and feed the chickens. Adults can supervise and enjoy a hot drink.

I then gather the children for food (either bring your own or we can have hotdogs or you can leave food out) and then we have hot chocolate around the campfire and toast marshmallows. We can sing Happy Birthday at this point, share cake and hand out party bags (if you want to do party bags) before its time to say goodbye.

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