Forgotten Foraging

I am passionate about connecting with nature. Foraging is one of the most beneficial ways of connecting with nature. Whilst foraging you walk out in the wild, in the peace and quiet and take in your surroundings. you look closer than you normally would. Noticing the leaves, the habitats, the weather, the smells and aromas whilst you tune into specific plants. The whole process is relaxing and nourishing.

Suddenly you find what you are looking for. Or maybe it is something new that you can’t wait to investigate further and find out more about once home.

Our ancestors would have known about all the plants and fungi that you could forage as well as the ones to leave alone. This important information has been forgotten. But here at Forgotten Foraging I want to reconnect everyone with the knowledge and love of foraging.

There are so many reasons to forage. Wild food is full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as their roots grow deep. Much more than our shop bought mono-foods that we have in the supermarket. We also reduce our plastic use and our carbon foot. foods in the wild are not shipped from great distances. There is also the safety in knowing that you have the knowledge so you can secure food for your family if the worst should ever happen.

I will regularly post foraging tips, identification and recipes so subscribe to find out more.

If you would like to find out more then why not join me on a walk in nature. 

Foraging Walks

Foraging walks will involve learning about safe foraging, the law and how to get started in foraging. We will then look at 12 plants that we can forage as well as some ways of processing and recipe ideas.

You will also receive the plant information that we learn on the walk in a PDF too. As well as a safe foraging guide.

There is also the opportunity to learn so much more about foraging through the membership that will be coming soon


I will add lots of seasonal recipes full of free, nutritional and foraged foods.

Photographed above is Artists Bracket fungi biscuit with Lions Mane fungi icing. Its absolutely delicious and full of medicinal healthy goodness.

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