Forgotten Tribe Membership

Forgotten Tribe

The Forgotten Tribe is an amazing membership full of foraging, nature connections.

I am passionate about getting women connected with nature and creating a community.

Membership through paypal

Join the membership. Its £30 a month. You can cancel any time


Join the Tribe!!

A membership for women to connect to nature, each other and themselves through nature.

Through life and society I feel we have lost our connection to nature, ourselves and each other. We have Forgotten the importance of connecting to our inner wild woman as well as our connection in nature. Through history women have met in circles to reconnect, give each other strength and to listen and be really heard. I aim to hold space where we can reconnect to nature, build a community and hold space for each other.

 I have always had a love for nature and have foraged since I was a child. I have had the pull for some time now to create a community of women where we can connect to nature, each other and to our selves through nature. Life is busy for all women so I have decided to create an online membership where we can learn and grow together but at your own pace. There will be in person meetings and zoom meetings too but the bulk of foraging information can be accessed at your leisure in the facegbook group.

In the Forgotten Tribe membership you will be added to a private facebook group for members only. You will learn how to forage safely, have lots of videos and pdfs for plant identification, recipes and other gorgeous natural beauty products. There will be online meetings and in person meetings for our lovely tribe members. as well as some self care rituals and meditations you can access whenever you need. Everything will be there for you to access either live or in your own time. Any questions then just get in touch.

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