What to expect

The session will start with greeting around the campfire, where we will all sit on logs and tree stumps, we will have a safety briefing, songs and a story. From there children can play games, take part in the craft or free play.

There will be a mud kitchen, den making materials, trees to climb, logs and mud hills to balance on, reading areas, sensory play as well as hammocks, tipis, nature and bug identification kits.

Each session will have a theme that follows on from the children’s interests in previous sessions as well as links to the seasons, nature and books.

There will be a break for a hot drink and snack around the campfire. There will be a pop up tent with a camp toilet if needed.

We we will finish the sessions with a reflection, show and tell and a goodbye song. Here we can share ideas of what children would like to do and  learn next.