Our Ethos

Forgotten Forest’s ethos focuses on  how children learn best – through following their own interests outdoors and whilst experiencing risky play.

The outdoor environment encourages and inspires children to grow in confidence, independence, self-esteem and develop an ability to assess risks for themselves.

The children quickly learn boundaries within which they must work. They respond to the sense of freedom and adhere to the rules laid down for their safety. They go out in all weathers. They explore and use natural materials found in the forest. Within a safe secure environment it is possible to encourage the children to move away from close adult interaction and to become more responsible for each other and for themselves.

At The Forgotten Forest all participants are viewed as:
equal, unique and valuable
competent to explore & discover
entitled to experience appropriate risk and challenge
entitled to choose, and to initiate and drive their own learning and development

entitled to experience regular success
entitled to develop positive relationships with themselves and other people
entitled to develop a strong, positive relationship with their natural world
This learner-centred approach interweaves with the ever-changing moods and marvels, potential and challenges of the natural world through the seasons to fill every session and programme with discovery and difference.