Forgotten Tribe CIC

Forgotten Tribe CIC

We love community as well as nature here at Forgotten Ways so we have opened up a Community Interest Charity. The charity will be a way for local people to take part in nature based crafts activities to improve well being and mental health. We all feel the effects of mental health and negative well being from time to time for many different reasons. Forgotten Tribe CIC aim to provide classes based around crafting with nature to help improve peoples mental health and well being. There is no need to discuss any issues affecting your mental health or well being at any time. Just book on and enjoy some time and space for you.

We aim to offer weaving, bushcraft, cooking on the campfire, soap making, lip balm making, natural beauty product making, whittling, jewelry making and foraging to name a few.

To find out more about what is available then please 

To find out what events are on and to book click here

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